CV Writing Guide

This section is designed to help you create a CV that best showcases your experience, skills and personality. It should be written in a confident and factual manner that also demonstrates your personality. Remember, your CV is the first impression a potential employer will get of you and will make the difference between being invited for an interview or not. Make sure you proof read your CV, get a friend to proof read it too…Spelling and grammatical mistakes are not acceptable in a CV of a professional, where writing skills are one of the most important and key areas of any role.






Driving License and car status (whether you have one or not!)


 A few sentences that captures your experience, level and personality (see it like the opening paragraph to a press release – short, concise and engaging).

Employment History: Most recent first.

Date: month/year to month/year.

Name of the Company:


A sentence or three to explain what the company does.

Skills and ExperienceBullet point the key areas of your skills and experience, giving examples or listing your experience where appropriate. Only include things below you have actually got skills and experience in, don’t ever pretend to have experience in areas that you don’t.

• Client experiencelist the clients or sectors you have worked in, whilst in this role.

Writing list the type of writing you have undertaken e.g. press releases, articles, blogs brochures, pitch presentations, strategies.

• Media relations explain what media you have dealt with, maybe including examples of coverage you are particularly proud of.

• Online/Social Media PR this has become a key area that clients look for experience and skills in, so include as much as you can to demonstrate your experience, interest and skills in this area. 

• Crisis management give examples.

• Event managementlist and give examples of the type of events you have been involved with and the responsibilities you had.

• Client/Stakeholder liaison include your responsibilities and your experience in maintaining client/stakeholder relationships.

• Account/Campaign management include your responsibilities.

• Strategy include what strategic activity you undertake e.g. development, planning & writing.

• Team Management include the size of teams managed and your responsibilities.

• Budget management explain any budget and financial responsibilities you have.

• New business include examples of new business successes.

• Public Affairs If this is your specialism, you need to expand and include bullet points explaining your experience in community relations, lobbying, stakeholder and government relations.

• Internal comms list the experience you have in this area.

Continue in the same format for all of your employment history – keep it more concise with the rest of your employment history as the CV should not really exceed 2 pages.


For recent graduates, your education needs to be at the top  of your CV (below your profile).

Other skills & qualifications

– e.g. languages, professional qualifications etc.


Go on, tell us a bit about what you like doing!

References – include two contact details for references – these will only be contacted once you have accepted a role. Please be assured we take these off your CV and only forward them to employers once you have accepted a position.

Could you send us your CV in a Microsoft WORD (or compatible) format rather than pdf.